About Bon Cloth

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My name is Tamara Jones and I’m a Global Studies student in Toronto. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been interested in fashion and art. As I began to learn more about textiles and how their production relates to me and the world around me, I began to see more and more areas of concern within the fashion and beauty industry.

This blog came about because for the past few months I have been researching different textiles to see how their production methods affect the environment and people who make them. I’ve changed my shopping habits to only buying good-quality basics made from natural fibers like linen, organic cotton, cashmere, and wool. I’ve also been studying green-washing of in the fast fashion industry, and I hope to review some of these lines to shed light on some of their harmful practices . Fashion is one of the most resource rich and polluting industries in the world, so I think that addressing social and environmental issues in this industry can bring about real social change.

The name of this blog, Bon Cloth, came from my desire to find clothing that was made ethically and sustainably but was also affordable. I decided to do my own research on various textiles, purchased $40 worth of organic linen, signed up for sewing lessons and, with the help of my sister, a self-taught seamstress, sewed a shirt and skirt over a weekend. I believe that affordability is fundamental in sustainability and the cultural art of creating and clothing is something that should be cherished and passed down.

When it comes to beauty and health, just like fashion, I prefer a natural approach. As a university student living in the city,  I also value time and money, so while I splurge occasionally, I prefer to make food and beauty products myself when possible and I’ll be sharing some tips for living naturally on a budget.

I hope you enjoy my posts and learn about new, simple ways to live in a way that’s more kind towards the earth, the beings around you, and yourself. x